Q: Who can ride for the AAVC Junior Development Team?

A: Anyone ages 10-18 can ride for us! We also encourage parents to get involved and come riding. Once you've joined the Velo Club HERE, you will get ride emails and general club information. 


Q: What equipment do I need? Can the AAVC help?

A: Other than a functioning road or Cyclocross (CX) bike, you will need a helmet and cycling specific clothing.  

AAVC is working on getting a set of loaner bikes together for juniors who want to try out road cycling before buying their own bike. Contact us for more information!


Q: What do I bring on rides?

A: You should always bring an appropriate amount of food and water for the ride distance you are planning to do. Additionally, you should have the tools necessary to fix a flat or other minor mechanical problem with your bike. Always wear a helmet!


If you have any other questions, or would like to see something added to this list, contact Stephen Doll