Weekly Rides

Visit the Calendar page for current times and locations. Daylight, road construction, and other factors cause changes throughout the year.

Notes and reminders for all AAVC rides

  • All riders MUST wear helmets on these rides, and bikes should be in good working order. You are responsible for bringing water and food, and supplies to fix a flat tire or other minor mechanical problem.
  • Riders are encouraged to select a group appropriate to their skill and fitness level. 
  • Keep in mind when reading these descriptions that recovery time means riding at a slower pace for a short distance. Riders should not expect to stop riding.


Group Ride, Forsythe Middle School, 20-30 miles Paved

This is an easy, low-key ride intended to be recovery for the racers and a great way for new riders to meet AAVC members and learn the basics of riding with a group. A speed limit of 15-18 mph is set to ensure the pace is easy, riders can talk, and new riders can practice group riding skills. If that pace sounds fast, it’s pretty easy when you’re drafting with a group—come out and learn how! This ride is from May through August.



Group ride, FORSYTHE MIDDLE SCHOOL, 35-45 miles Paved

Tuesday rides begin the first week in April and continue until the fall time change, though, attendance can be low once criterium practice begins (see below).

A Group: Fast-paced ride with a pace dictated by the stronger riders. Typically, the speed of this ride is 25+ mph with the paceline reaching speeds of 35+ mph. Distances are 45-60 miles. Most of the riders in this group are Category 1, 2, or 3.
B Group: Fast-paced ride with recovery time after major efforts (ca. 10 miles). Distances are commonly 40-50 miles at a pace of 22-25 mph. Emphasis on working in smooth pacelines and maintaining the group effort.
C Group: Typically, this group is for riders who are newer to racing and or paceline techniques. Distances and speeds are similar to the B group but with more chance for recovery.


Criterium Practice, Varsity Drive, 2 hours — Summer

The workouts are run on the same course as the Spring Training Series, and take place from the first week of May until the end of August. Aim to start by 6:00pm each week.

These workouts have been described as the most physically demanding that the club offers. Practices generally last 90 minutes, and consist of six short practice races. The workout typically fcuses on criterium skills, such as riding in a pack, attacks, lead-outs, and sprinting.


DIRTHAMMER ride, Barton Park — Fall

Interactive map

This fall ride is a weekly mainstay of cyclocross season. True to its name, it encompasses dirt roads and is a hammerfest from the start. These rides usually start by September, if not slightly earlier. Cyclocross bike recommended, but a road bike with tough wheels and tires will work, too.

There is rarely any waiting for mishaps or dropped riders on this ride, and good skills on rough roads are required. So come prepared, including a copy of the route map and lights as the days get shorter.



Group Ride, Wolverine State BREWing Co, 20-30 MILES DIRT

A casual mixed gender dirt road ride from Wolverine State Brewing Co through the scenic dirt roads and farmland West of Ann Arbor.  After the ride, return to Wolverine State Brewing Co for beer and nachos.  Pace is 15-18 mph on well packed gravel with a distance of 20-30 miles.



Group Ride, FORSYTHE MIDDLE SCHOOL, 40-60 miles

Rides leave from at 6:00 p.m. on Thursdays from the first week in April until the fall time change. Depending on weather, rides sometimes start in March.  Riders are often dropped on this ride so know the route and ride within your limits.  If you're trying to ride with the A group, know that the B group will be coming to sweep or in the B group look for the C group.  There are also several opportunities to regroup.  If you get dropped before Chelsea, simply wait at Zou Zou's for the group to come through.  

The ride will split into the following groups of usually 6-8 riders (10 max) before leaving the park. In the event of a smaller turnout one week, less groups may be used. The goals of good group training and safety will still be applied. Conversely, in the event of a big turn out, more groups will be created to ensure the smaller group size for safety on the roads and specificity of each group’s goal.

A Group: Fast ride with pace dictated by the stronger riders, often cruising at 22-25 mph with sprints at 35+ mph. Riders should be category 1-3 and have very good group riding skills. Distances are 35-60 miles.
B Group: Fast tempo ride with recovery time at major intersections only. Distances of 30-50 miles at an average riding pace of 20-22 mph. Emphasis on working in smooth pacelines and maintaining the group effort. Category 3-4 riders.
C Group: This group is formed when the number of riders in the B group dictates splitting the group. Typically, this group is for riders who are newer to racing and/or paceline techniques. Distances (and speeds are) is similar to the B group but with more chance for recovery, and a speed set to help riders stay together and practice group riding skills. Category 4-5 riders.


Saturday and Sunday

Morning group rides, Wheeler Park

Democratic ride (whoever shows up decides on the type of ride). Often this a tempo ride of 50-70 miles (occasionally longer) with one or two groups split by fitness or training level. Steady pace of 22+ mph with occasional roll-ups. Recovery time and regrouping will occur at major intersections.